Guiding you through the loss of your pet.

It's a situation no one wishes to face, but when the time comes to lay your beloved pet to rest, they merit nothing less than the best care. For more than a decade Pet Passages® has been devoted to honoring these members of our families with dignified cremation services. This Corporate Office Pet Passages location is independently owned and locally operated by Mike and Andrea Harris. Please allow us to support your family as you deal with this loss.

My pet has just passed.

What do I do next?

We know this is an incredibly difficult time. We also know that you have always wanted the best for your pet. The way you say goodbye is equally important. Contact Pet Passages® for cremation services that are both affordable and worthy of your pet, a beloved member of your family.

Pet Funeral Services

Let us be there during the most difficult of goodbyes. We offer many private family funeral and viewing options to fit your unique wishes. Pet funeral directors tailor the experience to be right for you.

Cremation Services

Losing a pet doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Your pet will be cremated respectfully and honorably in exactly the manner you have chosen. Return of your pets remains are guaranteed within 72 hours.


Your pet’s legacy lasts a lifetime. The love you shared can be infused into any of the personalized keepsakes we provide. Browse our online selection of pet urns and other memorial products.

Bereavement Support

Allow us to guide you from grief to remembrance. Our highly trained pet funeral professionals are both educated and honored to help you along in your journey of grief and recovery. Support is available for the entire family.

Giving pets the dignity

they deserve on their final passage.

Pet Passages® was founded by a third-generation licensed funeral home director, Mike Harris. Having dedicated his life to providing the best possible experience for families in moments of extreme grief, when his beloved dogs passed, he realized that same level of care was nowhere to be found for pets. Feeling called to change that, Pet Passages® was born. Beyond having the best and most compassionate customer service, our cremation services include the most technologically advanced pet identification and tracking procedures available. You can trust your pet is in good hands at Pet Passages®.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan a funeral for my pet?

Pet Passages offers the unique ability to have a funeral for your pet tailored to whatever fits you and your family best. From intimate and private to larger celebrations of life, we're happy to create a meaningful experience for you and your family.

What is a Certified Pet Funeral Director?

Our staff stand alone as professionally trained and certified pet funeral directors. You can trust this results in excellent and compassionate care through the loss of your pet.

How do I track my pet during cremation?

Earning your trust throughout your pets cremation is of the upmost importance to us. Using our proprietary software and with a commitment to transparency, you can track your pet through every step of the process.

How long will it take to get my pet's cremated remains returned to me?

Pet Passages has one of the shortest turn around times for receiving your pet's remains in the industry. We know you're anxious to have your loved one back where they belong.

We are here for you.

Memorialization Pieces

Pet Urns

Preserve the cherished memories of your beloved companions with our exquisite pet urns, crafted to honor the unique bond you shared.

Pet Jewelry/Charms

Safeguard your pets legacy and keep their spirit forever close, while finding solace in a beautiful tribute that captures their essence.

Keepsake Items

Treasure the moments that warmed your heart and find comfort in a tangible token of their everlasting love.

Pet Portraits

Transform cherished memories into timeless art with our captivating pet portraits, capturing every nuance of your furry companion’s personality and creating a lasting tribute to their place in your heart.

A family’s guide to

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Download our guide to help you and your family through the difficultly of losing a pet.

Pet Tales

Stories of Our Beloved Friends

Share your pet’s story through words, pictures, video, and music and have it displayed on this national website for other pet lovers to view. Please feel free to look through our memory album below to read some of the tales shared by others.